Our Work

We have extensive experience in working with organisations who serve their communities across South Wales. We have supported schools, families and the community sector to demonstrate how appropriate training, support and provision can improve physical competence, confidence, motivation and knowledge and understanding; thus proving beneficial to the health and wellbeing of children and adults in Wales.

Llanmartin Leaders

Helen McCormick – Deputy HT at Llanmartin Primary School

“The Physical Literacy Project for Schools has made a positive impact in our school through pupils leading their learning, being excited about their learning and developing it into something for the benefit of the whole school. Gemma’s enthusiastic and positive approach encouraged all pupils to participate. The pupils enjoyed learning in the outdoor environment and it was lovely to see their literacy, numeracy and physical skills developing in fun activities. The project has also increased their self-esteem and given them the confidence to have a go at new things inside and outside of school”.

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Marvellous Milers

Rob King – HT at Llanwern High School

“The Physical Literacy intervention programme has been a thoroughly positive experience for the majority of target students involved with significant impact for a number of individuals. Recorded improvements in attendance, lesson engagement and parental involvement have been significant for some learners. There have also been improvements in equally important but ‘softer’ performance indicators including staff/student relations, student self-confidence and physical coordination. The intervention has also resulted in a number of in-house ‘spin-off’ projects for a wider range of our learners that will be sustainable beyond the project”.

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Leaping through Literacy

Ray Blackler – Level Three Teaching Assistant participating in CPD with Leaping through Literacy Programme

“The use of different stories and texts has helped me develop my planning and delivery of PE and Physical Literacy lessons by giving movements and different ways of traveling a purpose as well as being able to draw on a wealth of vocabulary. Lessons are now mainly planned around the literacy topic and the pupils have benefited by using their imagination to become part of the story. Throughout the Foundation Phase the use of a text allows me to introduce and consolidate new vocabulary and to integrate it into a meaningful situation that helps the class to understand and them.”

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Pedal to the Medal

Alex Smith – Head Teacher at Gaer primary School

“Gemma has been an inspiration to our children, families and staff. Her dynamism and positive approach have captured the spirit of the community. She has mentored and coached our staff with careful consideration to need, ensuring that confidence has prevailed and staff skills have blossomed. Her grasp of excellent pedagogy has ensured that we are now able to confidently provide the very best learning experiences for our community. We have seen dramatic improvements in not only physical development, attendance and engagement levels but also in confidence and enthusiasm”.

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Have a Go Hero

Gill Ellis – HT at Coed Eva Primary School

“The Physical Literacy project has made an impact in terms of pupils being excited about their learning and we have seen an increase in the level of parental engagement. It is very encouraging to see children develop their physical and literacy skills in this way and its skills which has also increased their self-esteem and given them the confidence to have a go at new things inside and outside of school.”

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