Our Support

We are passionate about ensuring all young people have the opportunities to become the best they can be. We believe that Physical Literacy is the pivotal foundation to children being healthy and confident individuals. We empower families and communities to ensure the best possible outcomes for learners,
as we understand that this is crucial to sustainability.

High Quality P.E. Training for school staff

We offer bespoke training for schools which draws upon the following,
tried and tested methods of delivery through INSET (whole day or twilight):

  • Physical Literacy Awareness Training
  • PESS Creative Movement ad Creative Activities (Dance) – practical delivery,
    planning and assessment
  • PESS Gymnastics – practical delivery, planning and assessment
  • ‘Dragon Multiskills’ and ‘Play to Learn’ – practical delivery, planning and assessment
  • Outdoor Adventurous Activities – practical delivery, planning and assessment
  • Bespoke units of work linked to themes and topics

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Pupil Voice

We specialise in ‘active participation techniques’ to enable learners to effectively share opinions, issues and aspirations. We are able to deliver pupil voice sessions with learners whilst simultaneously training school staff so that activities may be used with future
cohorts of learners.

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Family & Community Engagement

We have a wealth of experience in engaging families and communities attached to schools. We have made impact which improves attendance, attainment and attitudes to learning through the following:

  • Family workshops exploring growth mindset, literacy, numeracy,
    attitudes to school and self through physical activity
  • ‘Learn to Ride’ cycling programmes
    (Gemma is a qualified British Cycling Level 2 Coach, bikes supplied)
  • ‘Daily Mile’ launch events – learners, family and community
  • Building links with community settings and providers to create improved
    opportunities for families from school communities

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Event Management

Our passion and organisation has enabled us to support schools
to facilitate the following events:

  • Conference
  • Teachmeet
  • Seminars
  • Physical Activity Days
    (organised events for staff wellbeing and/or learner and family wellbeing)

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Literacy & Numeracy through Physical Activity

As teachers and former senior leaders, we are fully aware of the importance of interventions to support learners who may have become disengaged towards literacy and numeracy, or may benefit from an alternative approach to secure their understanding and attainment.
We are passionate and driven to support learners from deprived backgrounds and many interventions undertaken have been integral to ‘closing the achievement gap’ between those learners eligible for free school meals and those who are not. Interventions are measured and timely, ensuring that our practical methods are assessed and show impact for learners. We are driven to support these methods as a sustainable practice within schools and therefore coach and mentor members of staff during our interventions.

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